Life is busy, we don't have time to smell the roses. But we don't want to miss any special moments.

That's why we created Capsule Frame for you.

As soon as you install the Capsule mobile app, you're done...

New and old memories alike, joyful, expressive, heartfelt all presented to you at home (imagine seeing dating & wedding photos on your wedding anniversary), without any effort on your part.

Photos & videos automatically make their way to your Frame at home as soon as you take them (or on WiFi only for the data conscious). Your memories are accessible to you anywhere in the world, on any device.

Time to really put your feet up!
Product Spec
Say goodbye to manual backup and remembering to view photos.

Capsule does it all for you!

1TB onboard storage
US$349  US$429
2TB onboard storage
US$399  US$499
Free shipping worldwide!
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